From Sketch to Score

Update: you can hear the completed project that this sketch comes from by clicking here.

Most of what I write starts out at the piano, and I love finishing a project, then going back to listen to the original idea that sparked it. I’m working on a new series of projects (more details to come) that involve writing cinematic music. Here’ the first one down the pipe, a sketch of a title sequence. The starting idea:
EG Title – Piano Draft

After a few hours of sketching out an orchestration with samples, here’s the developed score:
EG Title Score

4 thoughts on “From Sketch to Score”

  1. Mike, your choices of notes have always been excellent. What I’m hearing here is an attention to tone that is superior to your previous work. This is a really interesting cue. Nicely done.

  2. Excellent. Mike-you truly have some of the most original “commercial” music I’ve heard in a while. And if this were html, original would be italicized. And I mean it–no jokes here. That cue was sonically and musically very cool.

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